Do you know some of your mold data cannot be downloaded by China supplier due to Internet limit?  You wanna have efficient date exchange, at quoting and mold design stage for big files(more than 15M)? Let’s start to explore! 

Mold package inquiry or 3D mold drawing will have a data capacity up to 600M, after compressing, it still could be a big file, over the limit of email server’s delivery capacity. Several proven ways that Chinese supplier could sucessfully get access to them. 


Advantage: Online delivery tool, easy operation, good and stable connect, no need to use VPN tool to overcome internet limit.
Data can only be kept in 7 days, then will be deleted automatically.

Google Drive Cloud



Advantage: Safe, easy to organized mold data well, files can be kept and shared as long as you want.
: FTP is complex to use, and not popular. Supplier need to use VPN tool to get acess to the files.

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