Our Story

It’s not just about a story of Hoshi Tool, it’s about the people working here, fight for a bright future here. 

We established from a small workshop in 2008, mainly make molds for trading companies and being the subcontractor for big mold making factories nearby. Even though we have no sales dept. support to have own orders, but we survived by our hardworking and commitment to quality. That’s also what drives us to have our own sales team and being stronger now.

The most important treasure for Hoshi Tool is not our equipment, it’s our loyalty and hardworking people. We work as in a sailing boat, support and strive for each other to make us strongger!

The more you know us, the more touching stroies you will know. 

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Our People

Employees are the most important wealth of Hoshi Tool. For a company like Hoshi Tool, who is operating through standardized procedures as its core competitiveness, the overall quality of employees plays a decisive role. The cultivation of staff, not only relies on simple teaching, but also needs to focus on the details of their life, starts from a good living condition. The cultivation of staff starts from the most basic level, like a proper outlook on life, values, respecting the laws, rules and regulations prior to teaching them the correct working methods, the growing skills and the strategies to stand out.

We are proud to say that we have a team of dynamic, good working habit and full of passion people working with us!

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Working Principle

Make Quality Mold At The First Time, Not To Comprise By Modification!

For mold making industry, we believe that the top quality tools are the ones that could be success at the first time, the more corrections or modifications made, it will definitely compromise in quality in certain aspect

So in Hoshi Tool, once we figure out customers’ requirement on dimension and funcution, we will be dedicated in making satisfying tools at the first time!

Pictures About Hoshi Tool

It’s a recorder about our mold making life! We sweat here, we bring colorful life to world!