Never Compromise To Quality

Supplier Management

As a tool maker, except for heat-treatment process and texture process will be outsourced, 98% of mold making process was done in-house, which give us great advantage in quality control. 

But good quality is not only from us, it also comes from our supplier. 

To seize this process well, we have a strict supplier management system. Also, to guarantee good tool quality from root, we use reputable suppliers to control well the whole supply chain.

supplier management

Main Suppliers

Use reputable supplier for important standard components—–Mold  Steel/Mold Base/Hot Runner/Hydraulic Sylinder/Standard Components etc.

QC Dept. Tour

A well-equipped QC Dept. with professional operator, could meet your needs on rigious dimension check. PPAP check is available.

QC Videos

How your QA Inspector Works?  How the Tool Quality Performance?

CMM Operation
Projector Operation
Dimension Checking
Collapsible Core Performance
Unscrewing Mold
2K Mold With Air Ejection