Design & Engineering

Control Mold Quality Before Mold Manufacturing

A good mold design is the precondition for getting good quality mold. During mold design process, we pay attention to the clear communication, to push forward different parties to get an good mold design in high-efficient way.

All the designers in Hoshi have more than 10 years’ working experience, they are familiar with HASCO, DME etc. mold making standards. Our aim in mold design is, by our rigious mold design analysis and mold concept, customer could get samples which meet 96% of their expetation during T1.

Design Software

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DFM Report

By resolving manufacturability issues in advance and designing for efficiency, DFM reports enable more competitive tooling quotes and lower production costs.

Our reports provide specifications and recommendations for all components based on 12+ years of injection molding expertise. We consider part outer appearance, surface finishes, hardness levels, polishing needs, venting, temperature controls, ejection systems etc., – leaving no possibility overlooked.

Moldflow Analysis

By using mold simulations, many manufacturability problems with a mold design can be detected and corrected before mold fabrication ever begins. This results in fewer unexpected delays or challenges, allowing products to launch on schedule and reach revenue generation faster. 

At Hoshi Tool, we consider it an integral part of our DFM methodology and commitment to technical precision, especially for complex cases, such as 2K mold. By leveraging advanced simulation software, we maximize confidence in a smooth mold startup, optimal productivity and high-quality end results for our clients.

3D Mold Drawing

Precise 3D drawings specify all measurements, tolerances, finishes and other details needed to fabricate molds with tight-tolerance components that produce high quality end products. They leave no room for guesswork.

At Hoshi Tool, 3D mold drawings serve two critical aims for our clients. The first one is to ensure molds are precision-crafted for optimal productivity, part quality and client success. Secondly, to guarantee  that mold designs will suit a customer’s specific production environment and enable easy maintenance.

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