Project Management

Professional Project Management Makes Safe Mold Soucring. In Hoshi Tool, we can help you save time and energy via our professional project management and clear work flow.

  1. Single-pointed contact window from mold design to project tracking process
  2. English writing and speaking capability, no barries on mold issues understanding 
  3. Quick release on technical changes to manufacturing dept..
  4. No repeated checking for confirmed requirements
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How New Mold Project Can Be Tracked?

At Hoshi Tool, transparent communication and accountability are central to our project management process. We provide comprehensive updates and reporting on mold projects through below clear and professional documents.

Weekly Process Report

We provide clear and detailed project schedules that specify exact dates for mold fabrication, trials and other key milestones. These schedules are updated weekly and shared directly with our clients along with helpful photos so that you can stay up-to-date on the current status of your tooling at all times. Our goal is giving you peace of mind and confidence in offshoring your mold projects to us.
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Injection Settings For Mold Trial

With every new mold trial, we provide our customers an injection molding parameter sheet to review and discuss together. Discussing parameters upfront gives us an opportunity to adjust or refine them as needed to maximize productivity and part quality from the first shots. Evaluating the initial parameter sheet and sample parts is also helpful to determine how we can further optimize the molding process. We may need to make slight alterations to temperatures, pressures, fill rates or other factors to achieve precision and consistency, customer's feedback is critical for making these informed adjustments. At Hoshi Tool, our goal is to establish a collaborative environment where we can openly share details about your molds and tooling projects in order to make informed decisions together.
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Sample Inspection Report

With every new set of sample parts from your mold trials, we provide a comprehensive inspection report covering all dimensions marked for your review in the 2D prints. We meticulously measure each specification to verify that the mold has been fabricated with precision based on the approved designs, and that it is producing parts that will meet or exceed your product's performance requirements. These reports give you confidence that the mold is functioning as intended. By fully inspecting every critical measurement on initial samples, we can confirm that sizes, tolerances and other attributes are aligned with your objectives before commencing production. If there are any discrepancies, the report details them so we understand what needs to be addressed immediately. Our goal is guaranteeing that the end components achieve your quality and functionality standards through proactive partnership.
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DFM Report Of Solution On NG Size

DFM reports detailing any non-conforming dimensions or specifications in initial sample parts provide clarity for our customers on exactly what issues were identified - and our proposed solutions for resolving them. These reports give you confidence and control over the tooling development process through transparency and accountability. By openly sharing details about any problem areas found, we can discuss the best methods for making adjustments or refinements to ensure all aspects of your mold and its resulting components meet quality standards before full production startup. DFM reports transform unknowns into a collaborative effort where informed decisions can be made together, with your objectives and needs prioritized every step of the way.
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Steel Certification Report

Each completed mold comes with material certificates clearly indicating the steel supplier and specifications. These certificates provide you assurance and confidence in the quality of materials used for your tooling from the source. Knowing the exact grades and types of steels used by our ISO-certified suppliers allows you to verify that they meet the strength, durability and precision required for high-volume injection molding success. This traceability gives you peace of mind that your molds have been fabricated from steels optimized to produce consistent, high-quality parts over a lifetime of use.
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Heat-treatment & Steel Hardness Report

Hardness is critical to mold durability, precision and part quality over continuous high-volume production. By openly sharing heat treatment reports from ISO-certified steel mills, you gain confidence that your tooling has been engineered to withstand the pressures and temperatures necessary for injection molding high volumes of consistent components over years of use. These reports provide traceability and assurance from the source. At Hoshi Tool, our expertise comes not just from building molds but also fully understanding what happens before and after. We recognize that materials selection and processing are as vital as design and fabrication in creating tooling suited to maximize productivity and cost-efficiency long-term. If hardness levels are inadequate, this impacts 3, 5 and even 10 years down the road through higher costs and reduced part quality.
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Tool User Direction

Each mold ships with a tool user direction to provide guidance for injection molding technicians in proper operation and maintenance. We also send an electronic version for your reference. These documents are essential for maximizing productivity, part quality and the overall lifetime value of your tooling investment. By outlining specifics about the mold, processing parameters and best practices, we empower operators with the knowledge required to run jobs efficiently while safeguarding precision and performance long-term. Technicians understand exactly how to run, handle, clean and care for the molds to prevent damage or unwanted downtime, which impacts your production and bottom line.
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