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Design & Engineering

Design is the soul for mold making, issues of both part and mold could be pre-witnessed in this process, it’s vital for mold making. 

In Hoshi Tool, all our designs follow the principle of Pre-analysis–Solution–Discussing with Customer on their expection and possible changes–Final mold solution

Thus, follows above steps, below documents are necessary procedure during design process

  • Moldflow analysis
  • DFM Report
  • 3D Mold Design
  • PPT files to clarify issues and solutions
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Project Management

We understand project management work as a comprehensive coordinate and lead work. After customer’s order release, we have two lines for communication.

Contact Window With Customer: Customer—Sales—Project Engineer/Manager 

In this line, sales is the boss to lead the work, to take care well customer’s requirements and needs could be implemented in efficient and productive way.

Contact Window With Hoshi Team: Project Engineer/Manager–Mold Design Dept.–Manufacturing Dept.

In this line, project engineer/manager is the boss,  every requirements getting from sales or customers could be guaranteed to released quickly to design and manufacturing dept. to fully utilize Hoshi’s advantage in flexible management.

Project Manager

15+ years' experience in Mold Design & Part Analysis. Expert in MF analysis, DFM etc. engineering support.

Project Manager

18+ years' experience in mold building, mold assembly. Excellent work in mold comprehensive coordination.

Customer-Oriented Service

Sales is the first window and key window to contact with customer. Have you ever been crazy because of the sales don’t understand listed technical requirements? You trapped for delivery time delay because of sales cannot coordinate well the factory and forwarder? Have your important mold trial material being trapped by custom for more than one month because of sales don’t know how to do?

Come here to Hoshi Tool! You never have chance to encounter terrible experience. 

Each sales here will be trained well to skillful handle things in a professional and well-organized way. They will be taught basic mold knowledge to have no commuication barrier for technical issues. Familiar with project whole running is a basic skill they master. Each sales you meet is a professional one, they are not only our employees, but also your site-representative to delivery your every single requirements. They deserve your Trust! 

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